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We value each of our client's experiences at SPiNEWORKS. If you are currently a client, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr Barry Kluner

"After seeing another chiropractitioner nearby, I was so upset and disappointed at how little effort and time he made for me, just pushed me through like hawkers, so fast after making me wait so long! I waste my whole lunch hour for 1 minutes with that guy. My co-worker told me to see Dr Barry instead. What a difference! He is the real deal! Don't waste your time with the other doctors nearby who give no time to even listen to you. Dr Barry also was able to make me better in 2 months, but the other place told me it would take 1 year! Thanks you Dr. Barry" -  Quek, J.T.

"I am so glad Dr. Barry is back! He has been my chiropractor for so many years, I really felt 'out-of-shape' without his magic hands! If you haven't been to see Dr. Barry yet, make sure you go! He will really spend the time with you to help you understand what happened and what is wrong, not like most of the others around. He even treats our whole family and our family is really big! Thanks again Dr. Barry. Glad to have you back!"  - Yee, K.F.

"I have been to several doctors about my neck problem, telling me I must do surgery or be paralyzed in the near future! I was referred to see Dr. Barry by my insurance agent, who insisted that his opinion was worth hearing. When I met him, he spent a lot of time with me, not like the other doctors I have seen. We talked about what has happened to my neck and why I feel what I do and even he agreed that surgery is a possible option, but I didnt want. After just a few weeks of Dr. Barry's care, I feel so much better. I am glad I made the decision to seek his opinion before going under the knife!"  - Lim, BK

"I had an accident in Australia where I was studying, saw a chiropractor there and had a less than pleasant experience. In fact, I was much against seeing another chiropractor until I met Dr. Barry. My father, who plays golf professionally, has been his patient for many years already, always seeing him before and after most of his tournaments. When I came back to KL, my father brought me along to talk with Dr. Barry about my neck pain, which had gotten really bad lately. I was ready to start a new job, but was unsure how I could handle it if always in so much pain. I gave it a try and I have to say, my dad is right! Now I know why my dad always says he wishes Dr. Barry could fit in his golf bag! I feel much better, have started golfing as well and I feel great. Thanks Doc!" - Willy Wong 

"Dr. Barry is our favorite doctor. He always spends time with us, answering every question we have. I have been to other chiropractitioners who just step in the room and crack my back and step out again without even giving me a chance to ask anything. Dr. Barry is not like that at all. He explained more to my wife and I about my back problem than the specialist at the hospital who immediately suggested surgery, but didn't want to explain anything to us. Go see Dr. B. He will make you understand how to fix your back" - Low, SA

"I first met Dr. Barry at one of his posture seminars in Singapore. He was talking about the reasons we feel so badly when we sit for too long and as parents how we have to be sure to help our kids avoid the problems we have to face now. I brought my whole family to see him and our kids actually had fun going to see the doctor! As a mom, I am always telling my kids to sit up straight but I now know what I can do help them along the way." - Kaur, RS

 "Finally! Someone who tells it like it is! I knew I had problems with my posture for a long time. My wife has been nagging and reminding me to sit up straight forever already. But no matter how much I tried, I always fell right back into my slouchy posture. Dr. B helped explain to me why I have posture. He told me 'bad posture isn't always your fault, not doing something about it is!' That was it. I realized I had to make a change. My posture program started out quite tough, but it ended up quite easy Actually. I look better, feel better and certainly and more upright. Dr. B is a straight up guy!" - Teh, AK

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I have benefited tremendously from the chiropractic care I received from Dr Kluner.

Subang Jaya, Malaysia, SDE

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